Alex Wolff is one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood, thanks to his roles in movies like Hereditary, Jumanji, and The Cat and the Moon.

He is also a talented musician and songwriter, and he was part of the Nickelodeon show “The Naked Brothers Band” with his brother Nat Wolff. But what about his love life? Who is the lucky girl who has won his heart?

Meet Rozzi Crane, Alex’s girlfriend

Alex Wolff is dating a singer named Rozzi Crane. Rozzi is a rising star in the music industry. 

She was discovered and signed by Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. She has released several singles and EPs.

Crane has collaborated with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, and Scott Hoying. She is also known for her powerful vocals and soulful style.

How did they start dating?

Alex and Rozzi have been dating since June 2020, when Rozzi posted a photo of them on Instagram.

Since then, they have been sharing more pictures and videos of their adorable relationship, and they seem to be very happy and in love. They have also supported each other’s careers, and they have attended several events and premieres together.

Alex Wolff and Rozzi Crane-the perfect duo

Alex and Rozzi are a perfect match, as they both share a passion for music, art, and creativity. They are also very down-to-earth and humble, and they have a lot of fun together. They are not afraid to show their affection and goofiness, and this is visible in their social media posts of each other. 

The Difficulties in Alex Wolff and Rozzi Crane’s Relationship

Alex and Rozzi have also faced some challenges and controversies in their relationship, such as the backlash from Alex’s fans, who were upset that he moved on from his ex-girlfriend, actress Abigail Breslin, so quickly.

There have also been rumours that Rozzi was still in love with her ex-boyfriend, singer Sam Fischer and that she was using Alex to make him jealous.

However, they have ignored the negative comments and the gossip, and they have focused on their happiness and their careers.

However, Alex and Rozzi have also experienced many milestones in their relationship, such as celebrating their birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, travelling to different places, and performing together on stage.

They also continue to showcase their love and appreciation for each other on social media, and they have gushed about how lucky and grateful they are to have each other.

One of the best couples in Hollywood

Alex and Rozzi are one of the cutest and coolest couples in Hollywood, and they have a lot of fans who are rooting for them.

They are both talented and successful in their own right, and they are also supportive and loving partners.

They are an inspiration to many, and they prove that true love can find you at any age and any stage of your life.

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