Gypsy Rose Blanchard was born on July 1, 1991, which makes her 32 years old as of January 2024. She is a Missouri woman who was convicted of second-degree murder for killing her mother, Claudine “Dee Dee” Blanchard, in 2015. Dee Dee had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental illness in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under their care to gain sympathy or attention.

What Did Gypsy’s Mom Do to Her?

Dee Dee subjected Gypsy to unnecessary medical treatments and procedures throughout her life, including surgeries, medications, and feeding tubes, even though Gypsy was not sick. Gypsy’s relationship with her mother was complicated and abusive. Dee Dee had convinced Gypsy and others that Gypsy had a variety of illnesses, including leukemia, muscular dystrophy, and epilepsy, among others.

Dee Dee also claimed that Gypsy had the mental capacity of a 7-year-old, even though Gypsy was of normal intelligence. Dee Dee kept Gypsy isolated from the world and controlled every aspect of her life. Gypsy was not allowed to attend school, have friends, or date. Dee Dee also forced Gypsy to use a wheelchair, even though Gypsy could walk.

Why Did Gypsy’s Mom (Dee Dee) Do That to Gypsy Rose?

According to a source, Dee Dee Blanchard had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a psychological disorder in which a caretaker makes someone ill or creates the illusion of them being ill to receive attention. She forced her daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, to use both a wheelchair and an oxygen tank although she required neither. Dee Dee Blanchard’s actions were motivated by her desire to receive attention and sympathy from others. Gypsy Rose Blanchard was a victim of her mother’s disorder.

How did Gypsy Rose Kill Her Mom?

As Gypsy Rose grew older, she began to realize that her mother’s claims about her health were false. She also discovered that she was not sick and that her mother had been giving her unnecessary medications and treatments. Gypsy Rose began to rebel against her mother’s control and eventually met Nicholas Godejohn online. 

The two began a relationship and conspired to kill Dee Dee Blanchard. Gypsy’s boyfriend at the time, Nicholas Godejohn stabbed Dee Dee to death in June 2015, and Gypsy pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2016.

How long was Gypsy Rose in Jail?

Gypsy pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2016 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. She was released from prison on December 28, 2023, after serving eight years of her sentence.

Gypse Rose Story: The Act (Movie)

The story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard has been adapted into a TV series called “The Act”. The show is based on the real-life events that led to the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard. The series premiered on Hulu in March 2019 and stars Joey King as Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Patricia Arquette as Dee Dee Blanchard.

Who is Gypsy Rose’s Husband?

Gypsy met her husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, while she was in prison, and they got married in 2022. Anderson is a middle school special education teacher from Louisiana. Gypsy has expressed her desire to start a family with Anderson and move to Louisiana.

Summing Up What Gypsy Rose’s Mom Did To Her

Gypsy’s story has raised awareness about Munchausen syndrome by proxy and has sparked a debate about the criminal justice system. Gypsy has expressed her desire to start a family with her husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, and move to Louisiana.

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