B MiDate is a complete dating app with something to offer for every type of individual in the dating scene. What sets this app apart from other applications of the same sort is the ease of use and powerful matching algorithm. Similarly, our app boasts a secure and confidential environment enabling users to worry less and find matches in a better fashion.

Apart from your general characteristics, your preferences and interests will allow the app to suggest highly suitable matches. It also allows your date to ease the communication barrier opening the possibilities of tops while starting a conversation.

Your bio is a summary of you as an individual. It is the first thing apart from your name and pictures to be seen by the other users. For writing a perfect B MiDate bio, you can make a list of things you like, areas of your interests and if it matters even some things you can’t stand. In a short format, you can make your possible dates have a clear perception of you.

Yes. It is not unusual to have second thoughts on someone you may have matched or even connected with for a while. If that is the case you can unmatch from the profile section which will automatically remove both users from their respective liked list.

The paid version of B MiDate allows you to subscribe with a reasonable amount to enjoy an ad-free experience. Most importantly, it unlocks the exclusive no strings attached mode which is developed for casual hookups.

Yes. B MiDate is available on both android and IOS devices. You just have to install the app from the stores and sign in with your credentials. After you are verified you can seamlessly use the application and start dating.

We have proudly matched hundreds of couples for their happy conjugal life through B MiDate. Our marriage mode is very successful in finding your life partner. Try using it and join the list of couples introduced by B MiDate.

No. We don’t have any bot or fake accounts here assured with several authentication processes. Similarly, our team regularly monitors and filters these accounts to provide you with the most dependable online dating experience.

Yes. But don’t just listen to us, look at the overwhelming response from users who have used B MiDate to find their ideal partner. We don’t guarantee that you’ll find your love within a fixed period but true love sometimes takes time. Keep using B MiDate and stay in the loop until then.

– Make sure you have your recent stunning pictures. The app allows four of these. – Write a charismatic bio complementing your profile. – Always tick your major like and interests. These will also appear in your profile. – Be polite to your matches and also don’t be boring. – Don’t get flustered if you haven’t got swipe back. Sometimes your ideal match is just a layer below. – Avoid making multiple accounts without any reason. – Make sure you share the app on your friend circle as well.