The world of celebrity relationships is often shrouded in mystery, with fans eagerly trying to uncover the details of their favorite stars’ love lives. In recent times, the rumored romance between NFL quarterback Josh Allen and Hollywood actress-singer Hailee Steinfeld has captured the attention of many. Fans are left wondering:  Who is Josh Allen dating now? How long have Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld been dating, and how did their paths cross? In this blog post, we will delve into the speculation surrounding their relationship, exploring Josh Allen’s dating history, addressing questions about his marital status, and examining whether Hailee Steinfeld was spotted at a Bills game.

Josh Allen’s Dating History

To understand the current buzz around Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld’s relationship, it’s essential to explore Josh Allen’s dating history. Before Hailee Steinfeld, Josh Allen was in a long-term relationship with Brittany Williams. The two had known each other since childhood and started dating in 2017. It’s unclear when they broke up, but rumors of their split began circulating in May 2023, around the same time that Allen was first spotted with Steinfeld.

The exact timeline of when Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld began dating remains unclear, as both stars have been discreet about their romantic involvement. However, fans are curious about the origins of their relationship and are left wondering: How did Josh Allen meet Hailee Steinfeld?

How Did Josh Allen Meet Hailee Steinfeld?

It’s unclear how Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld met. However, they were first spotted together in New York City in May 2023, shortly after rumors circulated that Allen had broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Williams. Since then, they have been seen on several dates, including a sushi dinner at Sushi By Bou in Chelsea.

Is Josh Allen Married?

As of the latest available information, Josh Allen is not married. The quarterback has maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life, and while there have been occasional glimpses into his off-field activities on social media, he has not publicly announced any marriage.

Is Hailee Steinfeld at the Bills Game?

Another question on the minds of fans is whether Hailee Steinfeld has been spotted at Buffalo Bills games supporting her rumored beau. Celebrity appearances at sporting events are not uncommon, especially when a high-profile relationship is in the spotlight. However, as of now, there is no concrete evidence or public statement confirming Hailee Steinfeld’s attendance at Bills games.

The lack of clear information regarding Hailee Steinfeld’s presence at the games adds an element of mystery to the ongoing speculation surrounding their relationship. Fans avidly await any public appearances or social media posts that might provide clues about the actress’s connection to the Buffalo Bills and, by extension, to Josh Allen.


In the ever-watchful eyes of the public, the rumor of Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld dating continues to captivate fans. The lack of official confirmation and the discreet nature of both stars only add to the intrigue surrounding their relationship. As questions persist about the duration of their alleged romance and the details of how they met, fans remain on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting any crumbs of information that might unravel the mystery behind this celebrity connection. Until the stars themselves choose to shed light on their relationship, the speculation surrounding Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld’s dating status will undoubtedly persist.

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